Where To Get Cryptocurrency Job Opportunities In Nigeria

Where To Get Cryptocurrency Job Opportunities In Nigeria

Ready to make money as a freelancer focusing on cryptocurrency or blockchain technology? This article reveals where you can get cryptocurrency job opportunities in Nigeria (full-time or remotely).

Should you not know, you don’t necessarily have to be a trader before you can make money from blockchain technology.

Ways to make money from blockchain other than trading cryptocurrency

You can make money from blockchain technology as a;

  1. Web developer focusing on blockchain
  2. Graphics designer
  3. Content creator/Copywriter
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Social media influencer
  6. Technical and Fundamental analyst

Just to mention but a few.

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What to do before you search for cryptocurrency jobs

As a rule of thumb, you can’t just wake up and say you want to develop an app for a cryptocurrency exchange. You’ve got to know how it is done.

Below are simple things you can do to position yourself for opportunities in blockchain technology.

  • Know the niche you will perform well: To avoid the stress of running around, pick an area that interests you.
  • Learn: If you want to be a developer, take a web development course. If you want to be a cryptocurrency content creator, take a course on writing, copywriting, etc. Without you knowing what you want to do, you won’t be taken seriously.
  • Build your portfolio: You do not need to be hired before you can do what you’d do when hired. Make use of your social media handles, LinkedIn, Github, and Medium to let the world knows what you have done and can do.
  • Update your CV/Resume: You don’t want to be rushing to update your resume when you see the vacancy in the area that interests you. Have your CV/Resume ready. Remember, you’re not the only one looking for freelance jobs.
  • Make cryptocurrency jobs sites/blogs your favorite: The most updated ones are listed below.

Where to get cryptocurrency job opportunities in Nigeria

Below are the sites you can get cryptocurrency jobs in Nigeria.

  1. https://www.jobzilla.ng/jobs/
  2. https://ng.recruit.net/search-blockchain-jobs
  3. https://ng.indeed.com/Blockchain-jobs-in-Nigeria
  4. https://remitano.com/
  5. https://arc.dev/en-ng/remote-jobs/crypto
  6. https://jobs.laimoon.com/nigeria/cryptocurrency
  7. https://cryptocurrencyjobs.co/nigeria/
  8. CryptoJobList
  9. Search the career pages of Quidax, Binance, Roqqu, etc.



What you don’t just know, you don’t just know. Not everyone can deal with the stress of a bullish and bearish market. Other ways you can make money from Blockchain technology have been revealed to you. Act now and turn your financial life around.

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