What Is Zugacoin? Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Africa’s First Cryptocurrency

What is Zugacoin?

This is a descriptive and investigative guide on Zugacoin (Africa’s first cryptocurrency) nicknamed Africa’s Princess. This article is going to answer all your questions on Zugacoin.

In this article, you will know;

  • What Zugacoin is
  • Who founded/CEO of Zugacoin
  • What Zugacoin will be used for
  • Price of 1 Zugacoin in USD
  • Whether it is right to invest in Zugacoin

What is Zugacoin about?

Zugacoin, a cryptocurrency founded by Bishop Sam Zuga, is a unique brainchild that aims to rebuild Africa’s dying economy by becoming Africa’s first coin in equity and investment funding for Africa’s government instead of China.

The Zugacoin ecosystem provides the tools, resources and ease-of-use necessary for running a successful business.

Zuga coin was launched in November/December, 2020.

Who is Bishop Sam Zuga? (CEO of Zugacoin)

Same Zuga
Bishop Sam Zuga

Bishop Sam Zuga is the Archbishop of House of Joy Ministry (known as Jehovah Field Marshall) who loves empowering youths and Nigerians in the way he could.

Bishop Sam Zuga is the CEO/Founder of Zugacoin (First African Cryptocurrency).

Zugacoin Targets And What It Will Be Used For

Like every crypto coins, Zugacoin too has purposes to serve. Below are ways it will be used.

According to Zugacoin Whitepaper, Our target users is the African market. Nobody is left out of our unique project. We are targeting the poor, underemployed and unemployed Africa in the streets that currently exceeds over 400million people between the age of 15 to 35.

  1. We are looking at assisting the African governments in developing our economy using Zugacoin as our major currency and power to success.
  2. We also plan on taking the development of Africa upon ourselves instead of giving China and other countries the opportunity to own every asset in Africa, enrich themselves and enslave us.
  3. We have created a DeFi App to assist in the funding of various government projects in Africa through private & public partnership.

Future uses of Zugacoin

Zugacoin will be used;

  1. As a means of payment and used as a payment gateway for some apps
  2. In social media marketing
  3. ATM/POS spots
  4. And so on. Read more on Zugacoin Whitepaper

Market Analysis of Zugacoin

Zugacoin currently have 1,000,000 coins in circulation with no information on the market cap, amount of Zugacoin in supply and so on.

For current information on Zugacoin Market analysis, check it out on Coingecko.

Zugacoin website

Don’t be mislead. The website of Zugacoin is www.zugacoin.com. There you learn and know more about the coin.

The code for Zugacoin is SZC.

Zuga coin wallet: Where to buy Zugacoin

Being a new coin, not too many Exchanges or wallets has adopted it. The Exchange or wallet you can buy Zuga Coin is IndoEx.io. The value of Zugacoin depends on supply and demand for the coin. See our detailed article on how Supply and Demand affects cryptocurrency prices here.

Zugacoin can be traded on IndoEx.io and it is paired with ETH.

To buy Zuga Coin, visit IndoEx.io or www.zugacoin.com

1 Zuga coin to Naira and Zugacoin to USD

Like I said, Supply and Demand affects the price of cryptocurrencies. The following are the prices of 1 Zugacoin in Naira and Zuga coin to USD. You can always use Coingecko to check the price.

Presently, 1 Zugacoin is 45,749 USD (by the time this article was published).


Is Zugacoin legit?

As you know, Zugacoin is a new coin, founded by Nigerian. The legitimacy can not be determined now. If it is joyfully welcomed by Nigerians and Africans, it means it is going to stand the test of time.

BUT NOTE: Very few Exchanges listing the coin on their platforms, the price of 1 Zugacoin is going to be too much for an average Nigerian, almost 70% of the population don’t know a thing about the coin yet and because it has low trading volume, trading with it will be tiring.

Price of a coin do not determine its global market value.

Before you invest in Zugacoin, make sure you Do Your Own Research and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Let’s have our fingers crossed and wait for what the future holds for Zugacoin.


This article is not aimed at discouraging people from buying or investing in Zugacoin but merely to open their eyes and give them more information.

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