6 Tokens That Are Listed For Presale On Julpad & The Launching Dates

Kitty Coin

Are you cryophilic? We’re glad to have you here. In this article, we want to quickly show you new tokens to be launched on Julpad starting from May 2021.

Glad to let you know that a cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria, Quidax, is the first to have a token (QDX Token launched on Julpad). Read more about the QDX token here.

Tokens that will be launched on Julpad in May 2021.

See the tokens below, the start and end date, and the URL to learn more.

(1). QDX Token

Qdx token

(2). Crypto Tycoon

Crypto Tycoon

(3). Ounce Network

Ounce Network

(4). Wall Street Games

Wall Street Games

(5). Foliowatch

Foliowatch token

(6). KITTY Coin

Kitty Coin

What to know before investing in these coins/token

  1. Go to www.julpad.com and click on their URLs and learn more about them by checking; Whitepaper, Social handle, and Fan base. The more people talk about them, the better.
  2. After doing step one, invest in any or all as you deem fit.
  3. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.
  4. Be time-conscious.
  5. Make sure you have BNB ready on your Trustwallet.
  6. Join their social handles for updates.

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