Quidax P2P (Version 2.0): New Ways To Deposit And Withdraw Money (Naira) On Quidax 2021

Deposit on Quidax

New ways to deposit and withdraw money from Quidax.

Quidax (a Nigeria-based cryptocurrency Exchange) has come out with news ways her users can deposit and withdraw money from the platform.

It’s no longer news that CBN stopped cryptocurrency exchanges from using their local accounts to transact cryptocurrency. This led to the use of Peer-2-Peer.

Quidax introduced Peer-2-Peer Trading option couple of weeks ago.

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What’s Quidax new deposit and withdraw way called?

Quidax introduced two ways you can deposit and withdraw namely; Mono production (P2P) which is in BETA mode (meaning people are still testing it) and Voucher payment which is COMING SOON.

The two methods are;

  1. Deposit and withdraw via Mono by connecting your bank account (via internet banking or mobile banking)
  2. Using of Voucher (COMING SOON).

Let me explain how the first method is done below.

According to Quidax,

this P2P 2.0 is a replica of the previous process, with a hitch-free record time of fewer than 10 minutes and for those who are verified.

Deposit and Withdraw Money on Quidax using Mono p2p.

Don’t be scared. It works like Peer-2-Peer just more advanced and faster than normal. See how to go about it below;

Step #1: Make sure you have a verified Account with Quidax (verify up to level 3).

Step #2: Login to your Quidax Account. You can make use of the App

Step #3: Go to home page and click on Deposit. When you do, you’ll see the screenshot below.

Deposit on Quidax


Step #4: Click on the first option. It will take you to your wallet, then click on Naira. After that, you will see the screenshot below;

Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on CONTINUE.

Step #5: When you click on Continue above, the next thing you see is where you can connect your Account to Mono payment gateway (Mono works with almost 26 banks in Nigeria).

Now, click on Add a New Bank Account with Mono. You can see I have already added my GTB bank account.

Step #6: When you click on Add a New Bank Account with Mono, you see the diagram below;

Mono payment gateway

Click on continue and select your Bank as shown below.

Click on your preferred bank and you will be prompted to sign in to your bank… Internet banking or mobile banking. As shown below.

Connect bank with Mono production

You can use any of the options you use for your bank. If you have multiple accounts like me, Select one and continue.

When you do that, you will get a notification that you are signed in and you can now perform your production.

Click on Continue and you will be redirected back to Quidax where you finalize the process.

When you do the above steps, it means your bank is connected with Mono and you can now deposit and withdraw.

Video explanation of how to deposit to Quidax via Mono payment gateway

I demonstrated how I deposited N1500 to Quidax via this P2P version. Watch the video above.

Wrapping up new ways to deposit and withdraw money from Quidax

This detailed guide has shown you how you can now start depositing money to Quidax. After this, you shouldn’t have issue with continuing your cryptocurrency trading journey.

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