Quidax Exchange Set To Collaborate With Binance Smart Chain & Also Release Their Own Coin, QDX

Quidax, a Nigerian-owned cryptocurrency Exchange and the first to offer spot trading, set to collaborate with Binance Smart Chain to become the home of BEP20 tokens in Africa at large.

In order to make peer-to-peer trading easier and scam-free for her users, Quidax released P2P version 2.0.

Quidax support recently released the report of the new update on their social handles.

According to the report;

Here are the key takeaways from the Quidax Community AMA session:

P2P 2.0 is a replica of the previous process, with a hitch-free record time of fewer than 10 minutes.

P2P 2.0 will have a banded flat rate in between prices, fees going as low as 0.1 dollars for USDT transactions and all the transaction facilitators have been vetted and Kyc’ed.

Quidax is set to become the home of BEP20 tokens to bring the Defi ecosystem to our customers.

Quidax is collaborating with the Binance smart chain ecosystem to list several credible BSC project tokens which is a way of giving new and promising projects a way to reach their intended customers and community.

Moreso, over 100 cryptocurrencies would be listed on the Quidax exchange within the next few months.

The listing process will verify projects, ensuring that any listed project has a verifiable use case.

Furthermore, Quidax will be launching a token known as QDX which is a BEP20 coin.

QDX token sale will be live on Julpad and will be supported by a private sale only available to private investors.

What does this mean for the exchange and users?

These new developments mean the exchange will have more influx of users and transactions will be faster compared to how they used to be.

To solve the issue of not being to deposit or withdraw funds from the exchange, Quidax partnered with Mono payment gateway to make the process of P2P stress-free.

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