Quidax Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange For Traders In Nigeria

Quidax Africa Exchange Review

Ever heard of Quidax as a cryptocurrency trader based in Nigeria? If you haven’t, stop wondering what it is and keep reading.

In this Quidax review, you are going to know;

  • All about Quidax
  • Things you can do  on Quidax Exchange
  • The Pros and cons of using Quidax to trade

Let’s get started.

What is Quidax Africa  Cryptocurrency Exchange about?

Quidax Africa Exchange

Quidax Africa, co-founded and own by Buchi Okoro, is a Nigeria-based cryptocurrency exchange that offers buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, trading of cryptocurrencies and at the same time as a wallet where coins can be kept for future purposes.

On Quidax Africa, you can use your local bank accounts to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Naira currency. You also have the option of withdrawing your funds/money directly into your bank accounts with little transaction fee. But presently, you can only deposit and withdraw funds from Quidax via P2P.

Problem Quidax Crypto Exchange solves

Quidax offers cryptocurrency exchange platform for traders to place their orders and get them filled as soon as possible without having to involve third-party in the selling and buying of cryptocurrencies right here in Nigeria and other African countries.

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges that charges high fee for deposit and withdraw, Quidax charges the least in all of the markets globally.

Cryptocurrencies you can buy and sell on Quidax

The following cryptocurrencies are what are available on Quidax Africa for you to either buy or sell.


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Matic
  • Doge Coin
  • QDX token
  • BNB
  • Tether (USDT) – Fiat currency

Subsequently, they will add more.

The currency pair Quidax offers for trading

Quidax offers just two currency pairs for trading (if you are in Nigeria). They are; Naira and USDT.

The USDT can be paired with Naira, QDX token, and Bitcoin only.

How much is Quidax transaction fees?

Like I said earlier, they have the least fee when it comes to deposit and withdraw. They charge N100 for every withdraw you make and also charge N100 for every deposit when you make use of Providus account that will be provided for you.

When it comes to sending and receiving of coins fees, it depends on the gas fee made by the Cryptocurrency miners. The good news is, when you transfer from one Quidax account to another Quidax account, there is no fee.

Also, transfer of Tron out of your Quidax wallet to another wallet (either Quidax or not) is FREE as at the time of writing this article.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only deposit and withdraw from Quidax via Quidax P2P trading.

How to register on Quidax Africa

  1. To join millions of African using Quidax Africa Exchange, click here to go to their website. Once it opens, click on CREATE ACCOUNT and continue.
  2. All you need to register is your email, bio-data, contact address.
  3. Once your registration is done, you will need to verify your identity which will help lift the limit on your account.
  4. And to be safer side, make sure your account is secured by enabling 2FA Authentication and use a strong password.
  5. If the address is not www.quidax.com or blog.quidax.com or support.quidax.com IT IS NOT QUIDAX!

Does Quidax Africa has mobile app?

Yes, they do. You can get it either for Android or iPhone. Just go to your play store or apple store to install it.

Can I trade cryptocurrency on Quidax app?

Quidax has embedded their order book in the App. You can trade using the Quidax app or use the browser version. But, analysis can best be done on the browser version. See a detailed article on how to trade on Quidax app here.

Is Quidax legit?

Quidax is super legit like every other local and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Your money and coin is safe.

Quidax Africa social handles

Wrapping up Quidax Review

Quidax Africa Exchange is the best place for you to Day trade or swing trade cryptocurrency in Nigeria with ease.

Verifying your identity is as easy as ABC unlike some local and foreign exchanges.

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