QUIDAX APP: How To Use Quidax Order Book On The App

How to use Quidax Order Book on Quidax App

This is a descriptive guide on how to make use of Quidax Order Book on the Quidax App.

In this guide, you will;

  • be exposed to things you can do on Quidax
  • how to place buy or sell order on Quidax app

What is it about Quidax?

If Quidax is new to you? Well, Quidax is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges presently in Nigeria. The reason you may prefer it to other Nigerian-owned exchanges is that Quidax offers Spot Trading (where you can make use of Order Book to place buy or sell order of your coin).

We published a detailed article on what Quidax is, who owns Quidax and more. Read here.

Quidax App overview and how to place order on Quidax App

The video below explains in details how anyone can place buy or sell order on Quidax App.


Concluding how to place order on Quidax App Order Book

You have just learnt how to simply make use of Quidax Order Book. Now, fire up, learn more about cryptocurrency trading and make your money.

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