QDX Token (Quidax Token): Everything You Need To Know & Where To Buy

Qdx token image

Qdx token image

This is a descriptive guide to what QDX Token (Quidax Token) is about and where to buy or sell the token.

In this guide, you’ll know;

  • What QDX Token is about
  • Summary of the Whitepaper
  • How to join the QDX Token Telegram community

Quidax is doing everything possible to make sure she becomes the Exchange an average cryptocurrency trader in Africa thinks of every morning. Quidax has gone from listing new coins to activation of Peer-2-Peer options.

What is QDX Token about?

Recently, Quidax announced global changes they have made and making on the platform. One of the changes is the introduction of their token, called QDX Token.

QDX Token is said to power key functions such as fueling transactions, paying for transaction fees on Quidax Exchange, making in-store payments, and many more.

According to Quidax;

You’ll be able to access everything from loans to savings on Quidax using the token. If you’re a DeFi-er, you’ll also be able to stake QDX tokens and get rewards.

Holding QDX will also allow you to vote on some of the exciting decisions we make on the platform. This means that you no longer have just a front-row seat to the future of money, you get to become a key decision-maker.

We’ll be launching QDX through Julpad, the dedicated launchpad for Julswap. The best part is that this is the first token to launch on Julswap’s Julpad and we’re proud of the future it represents. From Africa to the world!!!

QDX Token Litepaper

The QDX Token Litepaper has been released. Use the link below to download it and peruse it carefully.


Qdx token on Julswap

What can you do with QDX Token?

Below are the lists and more of what you can do with QDX Token.

  1. Trade QDX Token on Quidax Exchange
  2. Stake QDX Token
  3. Pay for transaction fee on Quidax
  4. Online Transaction

QDX Token Communities

Join the QDX Token communities to stay in the loop.

Where to buy QDX Token

The token will be officially launched on the 19th of May, 2021 and it will be in a limited quantity.

See our detailed guide on how you can buy QDX Token here.

Wrapping up QDX Token release

This article has shown you a thing or two about the native token of Quidax Exchange. This is another opportunity in front of you, be sure to partake in it.


Do you have any questions? Kindly drop in the comment below.

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