Want To Invest Money? See Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

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Investment opportunities in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with enormous resources, most of which haven’t been fully exploited. Tremendous opportunities exist in different sectors of the country, especially the mineral sector and agricultural sector. We have the population, the market and the people that will make your investment thrive in no time.

Since 2005 Nigeria has been considered to be among the “Next Eleven”: the countries identified by Goldman Sachs investment bank as having a high potential of becoming, along with the BRICS, the world’s largest economies.

It is then no surprise as to why anyone would want to invest in Nigeria. Have you been contemplating investing in Nigeria, but do not know which sectors or what to invest in? Look no further as this article succinctly outlines 10 lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria for you to consider and which will yield high returns for you.

Before you invest, here are the four basic rules of investment – in all kinds of market scenarios:

  1. Think long term, not short term
  2. Invest small sums of money at regular intervals – either in direct equity or mutual funds through systematic investment plan (SIP)
  3. Investment should be according to one’s risk appetite..as if one seeks higher returns, there is higher risk too.
  4. Do thorough research before picking up a stock. And monitor the portfolio regularly.

Having outlined the four basic rules of investment above,

here are the 10 most lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria;

(1). Oil and Gas business

Oil and gas investment

Nigeria is a country blessed with immense natural resources with Oil and gas making a large chunk of it. This sector is majorly filled with foreign investors and the government is pushing for citizens to invest more. Being the sector which generates the most to the Nigerian economy, investment opportunities abound in the sector.

(2). Transportation and Haulage services

Investment in transportation in Nigeria

Undoubtedly, the transportation industry is one of the most profitable industries. The Nigerian transportation sector is quite poor, hence any private individual who goes into it is guaranteed to make it big. You can go into the trucking business by hauling goods for a fee. There is always a need to haul goods such as petroleum products, textiles and several products which come into the country. Also, you could go into the business of transporting people as the transportation system of the government isn’t reliable and enough for all citizens.

(3). Real estate

Real Estate Investment

It is often said that starting a business is by simply finding a solution to a problem prevalent with people. This aptly describes this sector. As the country’s population continues to increase, there is inadequate housing to accommodate all. Therefore, investing in any aspect of real estate is a promising venture. You can buy land and resell at a good price. Also, you can buy lands, build on it and resell for a good price. However, you have to do your research before buying land in any area.

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(4). Agriculture

This is a sector whose potentials hadn’t been properly harnessed by the government due to the discovery of oil. Agriculture is definitely an important sector to invest in anywhere in the world. Nigeria has mostly had to depend on import to feed its large population. However, past governments including the current one have been promoting diversification of the economy thereby encouraging production of foods in the country. People have started investing in this sector, such as livestock farming, rice farming etc. All of which have made people aware of the potentials in the sector. Therefore, to thrive in the sector you have to be willing to put in the time and resources needed to succeed in the sector.

(5). Digital Marketing

Yearly, the Nigeria online community increases rapidly. This has increased the demand for online marketers. Most businesses are also creating online stores to market their products to Nigerian. This has created an opportunity in the digital marketing sector – digital marketers and digital marketing agency. Now is the time to tap into this sector which has a promising growth, as technology is here to stay.

(6). FGN Savings Bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO) issued the FGN savings bond on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

This is where you indirectly lend the government money by investing in bonds and making profits from the money saved. You can invest ₦5,000 to ₦50,000,000 for 2 to 20 years and make money by earning interest on such savings. But the interest rate depends on the time length you chose and it is paid twice a year. This investment programme also contributes to the Nigerian economy.

Interestingly, the money you invest with the FGN savings bonds can serve as a collateral in getting a loan from a commercial bank and the interest rate is more than that of a commercial bank. It is a very encouraging venture and quite reliable.

(7). Stocks

Stocks is quite a risky but very profitable investment for anyone willing to invest a large capital. It is risky because one can easily lose money if the deal doesn’t go well. Therefore it is important you carry out a thorough research before investing and make sure you invest in quality stocks.

(8). Bottle/Pure water production

Investing in this area requires a very balanced approach. It is important to target areas which do not have safe drinking water as that would guarantee a more successful venture. But this investment can be quite capital intensive. However, it is a very lasting and profitable investment if ventured into with the right approach.

(9). Manufacturing

Being one of the most populated countries with a very large economy, there is always a need to use or produce something. The country has been largely dependent on importation, for even the smallest of things such as matches or toothpicks. These and more are things that can be produced here in the country.

Manufacturing most things used by Nigerians is definitely a lucrative business. Things that can be produced are endless as there is always a need for anything and everything. Making good research and going into the manufacturing of a product is definitely a worthy venture.

(10). Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investment opportunities

Cryptocurrency is like the new oil now. It is an investment that can change one’s life for the better in just a moment. You can invest in it with any amount. Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, 1UP, XRP, Altcoin, Litecoin amongst others is a high yield investment opportunity to use if you’ve got a good capital. It is also important you have a good knowledge of how it works as it can be quite complex.




Concluding investment opportunities in Nigeria

There are so many investment opportunities in Nigeria. The list is endless. What you need is the right knowledge, and the right approach to the business and you’re bound to succeed.

It is also important you have in mind that high yield investment also comes with high risk.

Therefore, it is imperative you carry out a good research, weigh your pros and cons before venturing into any of these businesses.

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