How Trading Cryptocurrencies Can Be More Profitable Than HOLDing Them


This is a comparative guide on why I prefer trading cryptocurrencies to HOLDing them and to show you how profitable trading can be.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading & HOLDing?

Cryptocurrency Trading, in the simplest of terms, means buying and selling of coins in a short period of time (minutes to days) for profit. While cryptocurrency HOLDing means buying of coin(s) and keep for a longer period of time (weeks to months) in other to make profit.

Which of these two approaches is the best and profitable? If you ask me, It is Trading.

Which of these two approaches is riskier? If you ask me, it is HOLDing. Why? Because while you buy and leave the coin to grow, the market may significantly go against you, especially in altcoin that the future is blurry. Take XRP/SEC saga as an example.

Video guide on Why I prefer Trading Cryptocurrencies to HOLDing them

Why you need to attend proper training before trading or HOLDing

Having a fundamental knowledge and understanding of how cryptocurrency market runs will help in making the right decision in entering and exiting the market. If you are properly trained, you will always gain more than you will ever lose.

Ready to learn?

We offer an extensive course on How To Trade Cryptocurrency Like A Pro that will teach you everything you need to start and have a better trading experience.

Over to you,

Have you tried trading and HOLDing of coins before? If yes, which approach works best for you?

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