13 New Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy With As Low As N3k (N3000) Right Now

Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy With As Low As N3k (N3000) Right Now

Cryptocurrencies You Can Buy With As Low As N3k (N3000) Right Now

This is an eye-opening guide to lists of cryptocurrencies you can buy with as low as N3K (N3000) right now if you’re in Nigeria.

In this guide, you’ll know;

  • What altcoins are
  • Where to make researches about the coins
  • Where to buy new Altcoins in Nigeria

Let’s get started.

What are Altcoins?

Altcoins is the abbreviation of Alternative Coins. In the simplest of terms, altcoins are all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin.

Altcoins are invented to solve the issues Bitcoin had (slow transaction time, high gas fee, etc) and the first altcoins are Litecoin.

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency market, Altcoins are what you should focus on… especially the new legit ones because they will make you more profit than Bitcoin and some high-priced coins. See our detailed explanation on why you shouldn’t focus on Bitcoin if you’re not financially loaded here.

Where can I learn more about a new coin?

As a rule of thumb, you don’t just go ahead to buy or invest in any coin if you have not researched about such a coin.

There are two ways to learn about any Cryptocurrency, even Bitcoin. The two ways are;

(1) Coinmarketcap.com:

Coinmarketcap is a website that deals solely with providing information on coins, Exchanges, and NFTs.

When you log on to the site, put in the name of any coin in the search bar and you’ll see everything about such coin..from statistics, charts, where to trade or Exchange, etc.

Be careful of any coin you can not find on this website.

  • Another related site: Coingecko.com

(2) Whitepaper:

The whitepaper is a document that contains and says everything a coin is about that is provided by the inventors of such coin.

It is in the Whitepaper you’ll know what the coin is going to be used for, ICO, IPO, etc.

To get this Whitepaper, you’ll have to log on to the website of such a coin.

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List of Cryptocurrencies you can buy with as low as N3K right now

Below are the coins you can invest in even if you don’t have more than N3,000 to spare.

  1. Pig
  2. Pitbull
  3. Feg
  4. Skiddo
  5. Peacock
  6. Australian shepherd
  7. Smart
  8. Safe moon
  9. Free coin
  10. Elongate
  11. Nftart
  12. Spore Finance
  13. SafeBtc
  14. ASS
  15. Diamond Token

Recently, someone bought a brand-new Lexus Jeep from the money Invested in the Feg coin.

Requirements to buy these coins

  • Trustwallet Account
  • Money to buy with

Where to buy these new Altcoins

Onomaseh Elohor

Onomaseh Elohor is a member of CryptoPhilic that deals with the selling of new coins.

Ready to buy?



This article has revealed to you Profitable coins you can buy or invest in 2021. You have the information with you, make good use of it.

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