Coins You Can Buy With USDT on Quidax Exchange

Are you a Nigerian looking for where to buy altcoins with USDT or NGN? Happy to reveal to you the altcoins you can buy on Quidax Exchange with Naira or USDT without sweating or falling the victim of being cheated by some crypto vendors in Nigeria.

What to do before you buy coins on Quidax

Before you go ahead to buy coins on Quidax exchange, you need to make sure you have a verified account on the exchange and know how to use Quidax’s P2P desposit and withdrawal options.

If you do not know that, check this article to understand the latest p2p trading option on Quidax. To verify your identity on Quidax, you need your NIN slip and BVN. With these, you can verify and increase your limit to N2m withdrawal per day.

Is Quidax a reliable exchange to keep my coin?

Yes, Quidax exchange is one of the safest exchanges out there that you can keep your coin or day-trade. The major issue with trading on Quidax is that the platform is yet to implement Stop-loss/Stop-Limit order. IF I were you, I’d use Quidax for keeping my coins.

List of coins you can buy on Quidax with Naira

Below are the coins you can with Naira on Quidax exchange;

  1. BTC: Bitcoin has been and currently the top coin on any cryptocurrency exchange. It has been the best coin you can invest in BUT you may want to do that when you have lots of $$$ in your wallet or account balance.
  2. ETH: Ethereum is currently the top altcoin. For this, you don’t necessary need lots of cash to start investing in ETH but it is advisable to. The reason is, the more money you put in, the more you will be able to make as profit.
  3. QDX: QDX token is the coin by Quidax itself. You can stake QDX to get other altcoins. Not only that, trading with QDX will stop you from spending money on transaction fees. QDX is not yet listed on other exchanges but hopefully as time goes on it will be. Read more about QDX token here.
  4. XRP: XRP is a currency that run on a platform called RippleNet operated by a company called Ripple. You may want to read more about XRP on
  5. DASH
  6. LTC
  7. USDT: USDT is a stable coin that’s pegged to the United States Dollar (USD). It has a 1:1 ratio with USD. This means that 1 USDT is approximately 1 USD at all times. You can use USDT to buy and trade other coins. On most foreign cryptocurrency exchanges, you will be using USDT anf not Naira to trade. Learn more about USDT here.
  8. TRX

List of coins you can buy on Quidax with USDT

The coins you can buy with USDT on Quidax are;

  1. BTC (Bitcoin)
  2. QDX (Quidax Token)
  3. DOGE (Dogecoin)
  4. BNB (Binance Coin)
  5. MATIC (Matic Token)
  7. AAVE (aave Token)
  8. SHIB (Shiba Inu)
  9. LINK (Chainlink)
  10. CAKE (Pancakeswap)
  11. Filecoin
  12. Wakanda Inu

Which of these coins can you invest in?

Before you put your hard earned money on coins, make sure you have done your research and convinced the coin will perform well. If you have not and you are not able to find someone to guide you, you may have to step back.

Wrapping up

The above listed coins are the coins you can buy using USDT or Naira (NGN) on Quidax exchange as at the time of publishing this article. The list might have increased by the time you are checking.

Don’t forget, always carry out research on any coin before you invest in it.

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