5 Best Investing Platforms In Nigeria To Save & Invest Money

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5 best investing platforms in Nigeria

Have you been meaning to invest but don’t know what to invest in or whether the amount you’ve saved is worth any tangible investment? Any of these 5 best investing platforms in Nigeria will help you out.

What do you do? You procrastinate and spend the money thinking (rather deceiving) yourself that once you have “enough money” you’d be able to invest in a very profitable venture.

Alas! This goes on and on… And this depicts the sad reality of most Nigerians today. We put off investing because we believe we need a ‘huge’ amount of money to invest and before we know it, we don’t have anything. See a guide on how on profitable businesses you can start with at least N10000.

However, with the advent of investment apps, you can invest for as low as 1000 Naira! Yes! as low as that. This prepares you for when you’re ready to make that giant stride into investing more and fans your habit of investing.

These investment apps allow you to invest from your phone, with a highly effective way of monitoring investment coupled with an easy way of withdrawing your profits.

What is Investing?

Put simply, this is when you put money into financial schemes with the aim of making profits.

You have a 50,000 Naira you are not using and instead of it whiling away in your bank account, you decide to invest it (put the money) in a business. And after some time, you get back twice or thereabouts of the money. It is not the same as a ponzi scheme. Instead these businesses are genuine and legal.

Now, what these investment apps do is provide you with various legitimate business opportunities to invest in which is bound to yield a promising return for you.

However, you’re advised to do your research before plunging your money into any investment.

In no particular order, these are the;

5 best investing platforms in Nigeria for you to invest

(1). PiggyVest

Piggyvest Investment platform

Piggy Vest which was launched on the 16th of January 2016 is one of the most trusted investing apps in Nigeria today.

It started as a savings bank called “Piggy bank.ng” before finally changing to Piggy Vest in April 2019.

With a backing of over a $1 million funding from international investors, it enables you save with interests and invest money in sectors such as agriculture, real estate, transportation etc.

Features of piggyvest

  • Invest with as low as 1000 Naira.
  • Earning up to 25% interest rate of your investment
  • Earn interest for funds saved on the platform
  • Opportunity to earn 1000 for every referral
  • All investment opportunities are pre-vetted

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(2). Bamboo

Bamboo image

Also one of the most highly recommended investment apps in Nigeria. Bamboo has over 3500 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange and the United States stock exchange which grants you access as a user.

It allows for users to fund their accounts with any currency. You can fund your bamboo account with Naira, Dollar, Cedis or any other currency of your choice.

You can invest in any company of your choice with as low as 15,000 Naira. Also interesting to know is the fact that Bamboo is a member of the Nigeria Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and the U.S. Securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC), which enables your securities being secured up to $500,000 with the SIPC.

Features of Bamboo

  • Access as a user to over 3000 Nigerian and US stocks
  • Invest with as low as 15000 Naira
  • With 2-factor authentication and data encryption
  • Avenue to a dashboard to track your investment
  • Freedom to fund your account with any currency


(3). CowryWise

Cowrywise investment platform

Usually, there is no way you would list PiggyVest amongst reliable investment apps without mentioning CowryWise. Like PiggyVest, it is also used for saving money as well as investing. Run by professionals with over 20 years experience in financial technology, it enables you to save as little as 100 Naira.

You can invest in low, medium and high-risk investments. Such as, Nigerian Eurobond, Mutual Funds and other money market securities provided by third parties.

Features of Cowrywise

  • Offers Halal mode of savings for Muslims
  • It has an easy-to-use dashboard which monitors investments and savings
  • Earn interests from savings

(4). Afrinvestor

Afrinvestor image

Afrinvestor is also another trusted investment app for Nigerians. It is owned by Afrinvestor, a Nigerian investment company with their headquarters in Lagos. The company specializes in investment banking, asset management, securities trading and investment research.

It is a platform used for trading Stocks.

Features of Afrinvestor

  • It offers a wide range of investment opportunities
  • Creating an account is free

(5). Trove

 Trove investment platform

Trove is an investing platform which allows you to invest in the US, Chinese and Nigerian stock market. It also has a feature which helps in developing an habit of investing.

It features so many big companies all around the world, such as Jumia, Dangote Cement, Microsoft, Netflix, etc

Interestingly, for a platform as big as that, you can invest for as low as 1000 Naira.

Features of Trove

  • Available on Google play store and Apple play store
  • offers a flexible capital investment rate
  • Medium Risk

Wrapping up 5 best investing platforms in Nigeria

The apps listed above are the best platforms for investing presently. An added incentive is that some of them are also used for saving. Download any of these apps today to start investing.

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